If u can't move your phone around,
try updating ur YouTube app.

Still not work?
Open YouTube app directly & search 4 Catquarium.

Come enjoy 2hrs of 360º cats
Open in YouTube app & move your phone around you
Or drag video on computer 2 see all around

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u watch 0hr 0min

Post reaction videos of you watching #Catquarium n we will feature em
Virtual Reality lets you go places. Have some tea n stay
They r 3D with Google Cardboard
We make other videos too.

how was it made???

Created by Michael
Produced by Danger n Forrest n Anna
Thanks 2 KitTea 4 hosting

Thanks 2 Connor Hogan n Aly Marie n Karen X Cheng 4 wrangling
Thanks 2 Little Giant n Todd Huffman n Colin Roache n Jonathan Deutsch n Nick Farina n mom n dad n Dave Braginsky n Courtney Hatt
Without u none of this would be possible

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